Introducing Ophir Gold pet nutritional products

Formulated by Roger Roberts, known to dog team mushers as "the Loafer from Ophir" and breeder of Iditarod racing animals, OPHIR GOLD PET FORMULAS are designed to provide maximum benefit to your animals.

OPHIR GOLD PET FORMULAS represent over 30 years of intense research and experience in dealing with performance animals and humans in the most extreme arctic conditions. Our products contain only the finest quality ingredients and represent excellent economic value and ease of feeding.

Each of our products has been proven through extensive study and through actual application in the field on animals involved in full stress performance activities. Used for a number of years now by people like Roger and his friend and fellow Iditarod Musher and Breeder, Bill Cotter, OPHIR GOLD PET FORMULAS are the culmination of study by Roger Roberts and Richeard Renton, both of whom are responsible for the balance within the product line.

You'll want to try all of the OPHIR GOLD PET FORMULAS for your best friends. Remember, OPHIR GOLD is the Gold Run of Performance Nutrition for your pets.

All of our products are made in the United States and meet strict quality controls and standards.

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BONE AND JOINT AID-ADULT - Formulated for support and stability of joints and connective tissues in animals over 18 months of age. Helps with healing and replenishes synovial fluids in the joints. Particularily good for older animals suffering from arthritis, and to prevent joint stress in all adults. Available in 500 gram and 1000 gram sizes, typical dosage is 1/2 tsp. (about 2 grams) per 100lbs. of animal weight. Cost is $92.99 for the small size and $159.99 for the large.

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MULTI-VITAMIN POWDER - This product is easy to feed, economical to use and of full potency. This is a base-line nutritional product for all pets, working or not, and is vital to your pet's health and longevity. Typical dose is 1 scoop (16g) per 25 lbs. of animal weight. This product comes in three sizes: 500 gram ($42.99), 1000 gram ($69.99), and 2500 gram ($159.95).

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SKIN,FOOT AND COAT SUPPORT- A soft-gel capsule that is easy to feed and provides proper dosing, this product produces and maintains a lustrous coat which lies on healthy skin, and maintains the strength of foot tissues. Currently available in a 120 capsule size ($24.99) or 5 pound tub ($189.99).

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