Welcome to Alexaco. Those who know Randy and Michelle know that dogs are a central part of their lives. We want the best for them, so have sought out the best nutritional products to help them live longer, more satisfying lives. Fishing out the superior products the the ocean of offerings in this catagory is a challenge to say the least. We do not offer anything here that we do not use with our own dogs, which simplifies things considerably.

There are only two nutritional product lines that offer what we consider to be the best. Everything a dog needs in it's diet to stay healthy is found in these two product lines. While we don't claim to offer cures for specific problems, many potential issues can either be prevented or improved with specific changes to your dog's diet.

For the backbone of the diet, we recommend Redpaw dog foods, treats, and supplements. Originally formulated for sleg dogs and other working canines, Redpaw foods have been proven in the most extreme of conditions. They have a winning philosophy the centers on giving the dog the best possible mix of ingredients. They do not formulate their products around bag labeling fads, such as including or excluding ingredients according to current hype. They formulate based on real results in real dogs in the real world.

Additionally we recommend the Ophir Gold line of supplements. Their line of products compliments and extends the Redpaw products. They only use ingredients that come from the US and and manufactured to the highest standards of quality.